Fashion made to fit you

Custom fashion carries with it a freedom that soothes a frazzled mind.

No matter how you're built or what you envision, all you need is a dream.

Maybe you have a rough sketch, a photo from a magazine, a flattering color, or even a favorite flower. Once you discover the possibilities...


green suit

This client required costly alterations to accommodate her petite figure and long torso. Short jackets ended above her waistline giving a lampshade-on-a-lamp-pole effect. By lengthening the torso when cutting her garments, the lines now fall in all the right places. Not only do they look better, they are very comfortable.

Once you wear clothes that truly fit, you can never go back to what you wore before.


red pant suit cobalt blue suit

My clients are usually surprised to learn that there are many very wearable styles that they thought they could not wear. This is especially true for those who typically shop in the women's department. As you can see, this style works on these two very different body types. You no longer have to settle for what's on the rack.

One of a kind

These two vintage jackets are based on the same Vogue pattern. The fabric selection, buttons, and details give them their own unique looks.

vintage jacket vintage jacket

Other differentiating touches could set these apart even more. Imagine topstitching, piping, contrast fabric or colors for lapels and pocket flaps, and so forth.

Personalized business wear

Business attire is usually a mix of existing designs with special touches: Custom fit, color, and fabric combinations, personally selected.

I thrive on details and complexity, so if you've had your eyes on designers such as Issey Miyake, Michael Kors, and DKNY, check out the selection of Vogue designer apparel patterns. I can make it to suit your fancy and your figure.

There are a multitude of other fashion design sources to expand your possibilities. That's when the shivers begin.

Why custom fashion?
red lady